Must-Play Action Racing Games You'll Love To Play

There's simply nothing that could fill you in with your daily dose of adrenaline, other than a gaming experience centered on the jam-packed and intense environment of racing games. Action racing games are games that anyone would surely be itching to play. Regardless of age, gender or other classifications you may think about, it'll certainly prove itself to be a type of game that would remain a top option for many gamers out there. There are some great titles in the action genre that you can play on your computer at home. But there are also popular action video games that you can enjoy no matter your location, thanks to cell phones. Visit this site and check out the top games the mobile gaming industry has to offer.

Action Racing Games have one goal - to beat your competition and finish the race first. It may seem simple but couple that with other features of the game like shops, tuning of cars and more, and you'll surely see that it comes with more intricacy than what you may have first realized. In fact, racing games are not simply referring to car games. There are also those which exhibits motorsports games, Horse racing games and many more. There's certainly going to be a long list of awesome racing games that you'll be able to come up with in a simple search but, if you're looking for some of the top games in this category, you'll surely be glad that you're in this page. Get into speed about what games you can certainly spend your time on today, which will surely be able to satiate your craving for the dust-filled action of the road.

Forsa Horizon 3

If you ask a gamer today what they'll suggest to you when it comes to action car games or action racing games, then many would surely point you to the direction of Forsa Horizon 3. This state-of-the-art game simply overshadows all other installments in the Forsa Horizon brand, as it exhibits a defining racing experience that will surely be hard to beat for years to come. Just entering its world will leave you gasping for air when you see its breathtaking open-world environment. Once you get into action and race, you'll find yourself more than contented and engaged for times to come. From races where you simply have to win down to games where you'll have to showcase stunts and more - there's a wide variety of challenges in this game, making it one of the best the car racing category has to offer.

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Before the 2012 Edition, the original Need for Speed Most Wanted have dominated the market in its time. In fact, many gamers today would surely vouch that it's still one of the most awesome racing game that has ever entered the market. It's simply exasperating as there are plenty of action-packed moments that will leave you at the edge of your seat. You can race in sprints, circuits, drag race and have the police chase you down to increase the bounty on your head. There's simply a lot of things you can do to spice up your experience. Your goal is to reach the top of the Wanted List through illegal races and get an answer from the current top one on the wanted list for a certain conspiracy that happened at the start of the game.

Project Cars 2

Race track games give a bit of a flair to the somewhat common road-centered gaming experience. It's definitely more challenging to race on the tracks compared to the paved road but, what makes this game more engaging is its exquisite gameplay. The cars in this game are more lifelike than ever. Not just in terms of its graphics which are extremely breathtaking, but also in terms of their physics. Driving the cars in Project Cars 2 feel more like what you'll experience when you drive real cars. This would give you a bit more challenge and at the same time, it will test your driving skills as you reach for the finish line and nab the first place along the way. The game has a wide variety of cars for you to choose from as well, coupled with tuning and customizing options that will surely keep you playing more. As you leave the garage and start to race, you would also be dazzled with the weather system of the game, which will play yet another critical factor to your gaming experience. Are you ready to race in real life? You'll likely be able to find your answer once you play this action car game.

Speedsters out there who are craving for wind-biting action will surely have their dose of excitement in these games. There are plenty more out there that the gaming industry could offer you with but, if you're itching to play immediately the aforementioned games will be more than enough to give you the experience you seek. If you want something more fast-paced and a bit more available, you'll surely have a nice time playing action racing games available on arcade with simpler graphics yet equally satisfying racing experience.