What Are Arcade Adventure Games?

There would always come those times where you'll fancy playing a game that's more fast-paced than normal and at the same time, portrays an exhilarating adventure throughout your gameplay. Nothing could be more satisfying than being able to sweep enemies all for a certain goal. That's exactly what you'll get from Arcade Adventure games. It is just as how it sounds as this genre combines the best of both worlds from the fast-paced action environment of an Arcade game, and the engaging plot from Adventure games. You can even find a section dedicated to arcade games on online casino sites, where you get a casino bonus that you can use instead of real money. Try it for yourself and see why these games are the favorite of many people.

Diversified Gaming Experience

With the combination of two amazing genres, you can expect a lot of diversity from these games. Not to mention, you can play these games throughout different platforms. Whether it be arcade computer games, console games or even literal arcade machine games - you'll see arcade adventure games running rampant worldwide. You'll certainly be occupied for quite some time with the availability of different games and there's even no doubt that there's going to be something for your ever-changing taste. You can even play Barbie adventure games if you feel like having a more feminine experience.

However, compared to all the arcade adventure games that have graced the gaming industry, there are those that have remained as renowned as they have always been. These games have become classics that would remain in the hearts of gamers and if you are intrigued to learn more about some of the best classic arcade games of all time, here are some that you'll surely love to play.

Metal Slug

Back in the 90's, 2D platformer games have become the rage. It's something that have been raved by many gamers especially those games that render a whopping gun-smashing action. Metal Slug is one of the top contenders in this category of arcade adventure game. From literal arcade machines to arcade computer games - you'll see this game available for you to play. Although its graphics may not be able to come on par with the graphics of the games today, it's undeniably one of the best in its time. What will remain as robust as ever though, even as time passes by, is the its exhilarating stages that will leave you wanting more. If you are ready to jump into a cyberpunk-themed warfare and bring down your enemies with some big guns, this game is for you.

House of the Dead 2

Zombie-themed games have and will always be something that games will never get enough of. House of the Dead 2 is one of the arcade games that solidified the fame of zombie games even more. The game welcomes you to a city run down by myriad of zombies and abominations and you're left with the job of going down to the bottom of things and end it. The game is extremely challenging whether you play it on your computer or on an arcade machine. You'll face not only zombies though, as there are far more frightening monsters in this game than what your imagination may be able to muster at the time. There have been other installments of the game after this one but, this remains one of the best out of the series.

Time Crisis 2

Using light guns as well in its arcade machine version just like the house of the dead 2, Time Crisis has also gunned its way to the top of the market during its prime. The exciting and fast-paced adventure of this game will land you in the middle of intense warfare while your task is to shoot down terrorists as you progress through the story of the game. The game will keep you engaged and playing more and such is the characteristic of all classic games that have left their marks in the gaming industry. Not to mention, the guns are simply the start as it will make you fall in love with it more as it introduces you to diverse characters and memorable plot that will leave you a very deep impression.

Donkey Kong

When it comes to the king of the classics, many would surely agree that Donkey Kong can easily take the crown. It's the debut game of one of the most iconic plumber in the gaming scene - Mario. This alone makes it a momentous game that will always be remembered. The game may be constrained in 2D graphics but, that's more than enough for it to keep you entertained and challenged for a span of time. The purpose of the game is very simple - Save the princess. To achieve it though is a whole new topic altogether and would require superb skill from the player.

The list goes on when it comes to best classic arcade games and arcade adventure games. These games may be simple at first glance but with their intense and engaging plot placed in a steaming fast-paced environment, there's little to no doubt that you'll be madly in-love with them in no time at all.