List of Different Puzzle Arcade Games Available Today

Arcade puzzle games have been staple game options for most gamers in the industry today. Aside from classic puzzle-themed games, players can also enjoy new and updated digital games available in different online and offline platforms. They can readily play daily puzzle games in any device which will test their cognitive skills and abilities as they progress in these themed games. Gamers can also track their personal bests and compare them among other puzzle players worldwide in global leaderboards.

Different software developers have also developed some of the best puzzle games online which have already gained their prominence since then. These include popular selections of vintage computer puzzles and modern ones which have captivated gamers of all ages. Here are some of arcade's best free puzzle games ever developed in the industry.


One of the most prominent arcade puzzle games ever produced in the industry since then is Tetris. This simple yet challenging block game is considered as the most played puzzle game in most arcades and gaming consoles since the 80s. Players just need to control and rotate blocks of various shapes falling on the screen to complete horizontal lines. Each horizontal line completed will be blown off from the screen and will earn them points. Their objective is to acquire as much points as they can without completely blocking off the screen or the game is over.

Some versions of this classic block-puzzle game have included timed levels, different power-ups, and even exciting challenges for its players to complete for bonus points. This only proves that this timeless puzzle game has developed since then to cater its players of different ages and gaming preferences.


Aside from Tetris, this classic strategy and puzzle-themed game also fascinated players of all ages and generations. Pac-Man features our yellow, cookie-eating buddy which travels across the game screen collecting pellets to gain points while avoiding colored ghosts chasing them around. There are also special power-ups to eliminate them and earn bonus points as the game progresses. Players can also see fruits scattered in the maze for extra rewards.

This simple home arcade game has already garnered prominence worldwide wherein it is being hosted in different competitive matches and gaming events. Huge arcade tournaments even offer large jackpots at stake to whoever emerges as the best Pac-Man player in the world.

There are also different versions of this popular puzzle game which feature various player objectives, challenges, and even his female version, Miss Pac-Man.

Tron Game

Another classic game which was based in a popular movie back in the 80s is Tron. This strategy game involves players edging their opponents using their controlled motor bikes. They need to cut off each other while they leave long trails across the game screen.


This ageless puzzle and strategy game has captivated the hearts of gamers as it features these cute and furry rodents travelling across different platforms in the gaming screen. Lemmings was developed in 1991 which highlight these small rodents being guided past different stages while avoiding casualties from the group. Players freely control them around the screen and give them instructions like boring a hole for them to go through, build a bridge for them to use, or completely stop them from moving forward.

Dr. Mario

Aside from saving the princess abducted from the castle, our favorite plumber and go-to guy Mario can also be a doctor and save the entire Mushroom Kingdom from any ailments its citizens have acquired in this game. Dr. Mario is an exciting selection for players looking for a challenging puzzle-themed game to play with. They just need to match similar colored pills falling off their screens to eliminate sick bugs from invading the castle. This may be similar to Tetris' gameplay, but players still consider this as one of the most challenging puzzle games ever developed in the industry up-to-date.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is considered as one of the most played puzzle game in the gaming industry today. This sweet, puzzle-themed game introduced in 2012 has gained huge following and downloads across different platforms and Facebook. As the title suggests, this game features different candy treats scattered on the game screen wherein players should match alike candies to complete round objectives before their number of moves and time run out. The game also features different game modes ranging from personal career modes to beating worldwide scores in global leaderboards. It is also made available in mobile devices wherein players can readily play Candy Crush Saga anytime, anywhere, and with just their fingertips.

There are other puzzle arcade games available in the industry which include classic titles like Puzzle Bobble, Arkanoid, Prince of Persia, Bomb Jack, Bomberman, Minesweeper, Burger Time, and many more, All these games are playable in different gaming platforms, available in both the online and offline versions for all types of gamers.