Web Arcade: Terms of Usage

Web Arcade offers gamers out there a fun-filled website, packed with all sorts of arcade games you could think of. Please read the terms of use below to learn everything you need to know about using the site, before you play.

Using the Site

The site offers all sorts of games from arcade flash games, arcade games casino, shooting games, sports games, adventure games, action games, puzzle games and some of the best classic arcade games ever. Please understand that playing the games we offer are all within your interest. Any sort of damage, problem or issue that a player may experience due to playing the games in our site will not hold the site liable in any way.

Third-Party Sites

If there are also links that will lead to websites outside ours, it is within your discretion to continue or not. The company is in no way related to these third-party sites and the user will be responsible to anything that may happen after this action.

Changes to the Site

Anything on the site, which includes this page, may be subjected to change any time and it is the responsibility of users to keep up with these changes by checking them regularly.